1. The rules apply to all persons staying at Rancho and using its facilities.
    2. Check-in is from 15:00 on day of arrival and lasts until 12:00 at the day of departure, there is a possibility to arrange individual check-in and check-out hours
    3. In case of earlier check-in or later check-out no discounts are entitled
    4. Necessary requirement for booking is to pay 20% of total price in advance, not later than 3 days after e-mail or phone reservation. Lack of payment results in booking cancelation. A down payment is counted as a part of total price for stay.
    5. A down payment (regarding to point 4) shall be made by means of transfer to the bank account, indicated on the website
    6. If the reservation is canceled less than 30 days before the specified date of arrival, the fee referred to in point 4 shall not be refunded. In this case, it is possible to rearrange the dates of stay. If the new date of stay is arranged in the higher season, the difference in price will be required to cover.
    7. Fees remain unchanged in the case of delay or shortening stay due to reasons relating to guests (personal reasons, communication difficulties, bad weather conditions, etc.)
    8. The ID card is required to check in after arrival.
    9. The tourist tax is collected in advance for the entire stay, in the amount determined for a given year by the Commune Office.
    10. The prices are applicable per tourist per night.
    11. In the room there can not sleep more persons than the amount declared in the booking.
    12. Guests are financially liable in the case of any damage during their stay (damage caused by their fault or fault of their visitors).
    13.  All guests are kindly asked to respect quiet hours between 22:00 and 6:00.
    14. The dining room is open until 22:00.
    15. Visitors who are not checked-in guests are required to have permission from owners to stay at Rancho.
    16. Due to the safety of children and the comfort of guests, children are not allowed to run and make noise in the hall and stairs. Our little guests are invited to the play in the play-area next to the dining room.
    17. The behavior of guests and people using any Rancho's facilities should not interfere with the peaceful stay of other guests.
    18. A person who violates the Rules is obliged to immediately comply with the instructions of the owners or staff of the Rancho's Facility.
    19. In the case of non-compliance with the instructions of the owners or personnel or further violations, the owners of the Facility reserve the right to refuse further services and request to finish the stay immediately without refundation of the fees.
    20. Rancho provides a safe storage for equipment (skis, snowboards, bicycle, prams).
    21. Wynajem Pokoi Rancho is not responsible for loss or damages to items left in public areas.
    22. Personal data provided by customers will be processed only for the purposes of the object Wynajem Pokoi Rancho.